A Building with four walls and the future inside….

Hi…..Jessie here!  Welcome to my blog that encompasses stories of my life as a mom, teacher and principal – all of which involves interactions with children. Of those three titles, Mom is my favorite because I feel my greatest accomplishments are my three children. Greatest accomplishments because for 18 years, I have been walking on eggshells navigating through uncharted territory.  Being a mom is so rewarding, but also one of the scariest adventures ever.  The titles of teacher and principal are tied for a close second because when I entered my first classroom of students, I was awestruck with these amazing kiddos and how I learned just as much from them as they learned from me. Both titles taught me what it felt like to be strong and empathetic while molding me to be humble, happy, sad, “Compassionate”, irate, ecstatic, stressed, confused, lost, speechless, and the list can go on and on.  Sometimes you have to feel negative emotions to experience positive emotions. You have to “Find your balance.”  

My love for my own children and my school children motivated me to continuously strive for more education to better understand their motives.  I wanted to learn how their brains functioned, how their emotions affect how they learn, why building relationships with students eliminates misbehavior, how showing compassion is more important than demanding perfection. Seeking these answers and working in the educational field led me to the title, Dr. Jessica Scott.This blog is to share my thoughts, experiences, mishaps, successes, “aha” moments and occasionally a platform to give advice. Reader beware: I love sarcasm and a portion of my posts contain my ability to be witty, funny and creative while other posts are serious and have a sense of urgency.   This platform allows me to share with you moments that others would comment, “you could write a book with everything that has crossed your desk over the last 17 years as a teacher, administrator, and principal”.  This platform also allows me to share my struggles as a mom raising three teenagers without pulling my hair out! Finding the balance of motherhood, my career while being a wife, and upcoming entrepreneur has been a major juggling act, but I am doing it.  My biggest roadblock has been finding some “me” time, but to find a balance requires that time to rejuvenate. So join my journey, laugh at my mishaps, scratch your head with my puzzling encounters with students, watch my juggling act while I stretch myself too thin, and see when my type A personality gets the best of me. Fill free to comment and share with me your similar experiences so we can all have that “been there, done that” moment. This should be fun! 




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